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Doraemon is a gag comedy anime series that has been broadcast on TV Asahi since April 15, 2005. It is the third anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by Fujiko F. Fujio, following the 1973 anime and more popular 1979 series.

A heavily-modified English dub has been airing in the USA on Disney XD since July 7, 2014.

Battle of the Dueling Nobys! (S01E02b) (Disney XD)

Nobita spends his recently earned gift-money on 10 cups instant noodles, hoping to eat every single one, but only manages to eat a few.

Doraemon and the Space Shooters (S02E04) (Disney XD)

The Dictator Switch (S01E03) (Original)

With everyone else in the world gone due to the effects of the Dictator Switch, Nobi is free to gather and eat as much food as he wants.

Bottle Cap Collection (S01E10b) (Original)

Nobita’s Black Hole (S03E10b) (Original)

Nobi beats Gian in an eating contest thanks to a portable blackhole in his mouth.

Too Much! Hope Realization Machine (S6E04b) (Original)

Dorami arrives with a massive dorayaki that Doraemon then proceeds to eat entirely.

The Mystery of Goodie Land (S06E31) (Original)

The group tries to eat their way through a giant cake to get to the control tower inside. Everyone winds up stuffed, but only Nobi, Suneo, and Gian appear to be bloated.

Memorization Bread for Tests (S08E01b) (Original) / Memory Bread (S01E03a) (Disney XD)

Nobita, while at Shizuka's house to test the effects of the Memory Bread, gorges himself on the bread and apple slices at her place. When he struggles to get more bread down, Doraemon forces it down only for it to backfire the next morning.

This Road, That Road, and the Easy Road (S8E17a) (Original)

Nobi temporarily switches lives with Suneo and is given a luxurious cake for a snack.

"Candy Molds" (Conjectural Title) (S8E20) (Original)

One of Doraemon's gadgets creates candies that give the physical attributes of whoever made them to the person who eats it. Gian makes one himself and forces Nobi to eat it, which results in Nobi temporarily growing to Gian's bulky size.

The Spear Chestnut to Hawaii Trip (S9E10a) (Original)

After weeks of eating extremely cheap meals, Nobi's family decides to spend the money they saved on a super-sized dinner rather than a trip to Hawaii like they had originally planned.

The Dictator Switch (S09E11b) (Original)

A reanimated version of the previous episode with the same name, though this time Nobi is more visibly stuffed.

Wind Bag and Snake Oil (S11E35b) (Original)

From Memory Bread to Hyakunin (S11E39b) (Original)

While in a competition, Nobi, Suneo, and Doraemon eat excessive amounts of Memory Bread to help them win.

The Dream Ladder (S12E14b) (Original)

Eyes Eat at Well as Mouth (S13E11b) (Original)

A new gadget causes images of food to be mentally tasted and experienced by anyone who looks at it. A side-effect to this is that the observer’s stomach is then filled with every effected picture of food they look at.

Bai Bain (S13E29a) (Original)

Nobi tries to get rid of a duplicating chestnut bun by feeding them to Suneo, Gian, and Shizuka, but they’re too full to eat the last one before it replicates itself again.

Christmas is a House of Sweets (S13E36a) (Original)

While trapped inside the candy house they created, Nobi, Doraemon, Suneo, and Gian try to eat their way out but wind up too stuffed to move while Shizuka escapes through the chimney.

Too Much! Hope Realization Machine (S13E36b) (Original)

A reanimated version of the previous episode with the same name, though this time Doraemon ends up smaller.

The Making of a Television Channel (S14E21a)

The Rewarding Headband (S14E22b)