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Digimon Logo.svg
Genre Action
Directed by Mamoru Hosoda
Hiroyuki Kakudō
Yukio Kaizawa
Yuki Nakashima
Studio Toei Animation
Original run March 7, 1999 - present

Digimon is a media franchise owned by Bandai consisting of video games, manga, anime and a trading card game. It was created in 1997 with the release of a virtual pet called Digital Monster. The series features digital creatures called Digimon that live in an alternate "Digital World". Digimon are trained by humans called "Tamers" to fight anyone trying to destroy the Digital World.

On March 6, 1999, the franchise was given a short film titled Digimon Adventure. Following this was a television series with the same title. Each series that follows has been given a new protagonist and cast of Digimon alongside them. The overarching theme of training Digimon and fighting evil has remained with each iteration.

Digimon Adventure

The Arrival of Skullgreymon (E16)

Tai overfeeds Agumon in the hopes that it will allow him to Digivolve further.

Home Away from Home (E21)

Tai and Koromon stuff themselves with ramen.

Under Pressure (E42)

Agumon swallows a giant fish whole.

Digimon Tamers

The Icemon Cometh (E10)

To break Terriermon and Guilmon out of a block of ice, Henry uses an Expanding Universe card on Terriermon.

The Messenger (E44)

Guilmon stuffs himself at a meal with the Tamers and their families.

Digimon Frontier


Whenever Calmaramon uses her Acid Ink attack, it makes her belly swell up.

Bizarre Bazaar (E17)

J.P. becomes incredibly full after eating several plates of food.

My Brother In Spirit (E32)

Patamon inflates himself to attack.

Digimon Fusion

A Rival Appears (S01E03)

After entering Final Mode, MadLeomon attempts to crush Shoutmon ×2 and Dorulumon with a self-destruct attack. Before exploding, he grows to an enormous size.

The Rival Champions! (S01E10)

The team's Digimon are treated to a feast in the Lake Zone castle. Shoutmon stuffs himself at the banquet.

Sweet Zone Bake-Off! (S01E27)

Shoutmon and Ballistamon gorge themselves on giant bananas after being fooled by GigaWaruMonzaemon.

When Worlds Collide (S01E30)

Mikey Kudo walks out of a restaurant with a slight belly.

Psych-Out in Cyber Land! (S02E08)

Ruka treats the entire party to a banquet of birthday party food. Dondokomon, Shoutmon and Cutemon gain significant bellies after finishing the feast.

The Okonomiyaki Panic! The Town Full of Pagumon (S03E07)

Tagiru is satisfied after a big meal.


Digimon Adventure tri. 3: Confession

After the Digimon come out at Izzy's office, Palmon and Gatomon are both full from eating snacks.

Digital Monster Card Game

Starter Ver. 6

Card St-490, White Smoke, shows Bakumon making Angewomon dream she is fat.


Guilmon card Bo-1L depicts him after filling up on bread.