Delicious in Dungeon

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Delicious in Dungeon
Did-Volume 1 (English).jpg
Genre Fantasy
Demographic Seinen
Writer Ryōko Kui
Illustrator Ryōko Kui
Publisher Enterbrain
Magazine Harta
Volumes 12+
Original run February 15, 2014 - present

Delicious in Dungeon (also known as Dungeon Meshi) is a fantasy manga created by Ryōko Kui, running since 2014. It is set in a fantasy world where guilds explore dungeons to raid, also hoping to find the Golden Kingdom. Laios Touden and his party are nearly killed by the Red Dragon inside a dungeon, but his sister Falin teleports them to safety, sacrificing herself and getting eaten by the beast. Laios and the remaining members, Chilchuck and Marcille, want to go back and rescue her. Because they are short on time and supplies, Laios suggests they eat the dungeon monsters as they go. Fortunately, they are joined by the dwarf Senshi, who is experienced in cooking and living in the dungeon.

Succubus -2- (Volume 9, Chapter 59)

The succubi that attacked Chilchuck and Marcille in the previous chapter return, bloated from sucking out their vital essence.

Six Days (Volume 9, Chapter 62)

Parasites (Volume 12, Chapter 79)

Marcille's couatl swallows the Canaries' combined familiars which had swallowed Laios' party.

Winged Lion VI (Chapter 91)

Laios, who had been turned into his ideal monster, eats the winged lion's desire, then a piece of the demon himself.