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Deadly! is an Australian animated TV series based on the book series of the same name written by Morris Gleitzman and Paul Jennings. The show originally premiered on Nine Network Australia in June 2006. The show focuses on a pair of twelve-year-old kids, Amy and Sprocket, whose mother has been regressed to a toddler due to the power of a peculiar blue plant. Working together to solve the deep mystery of the plant, the trio must also avoid many other dangers that surround the conspiracy.

Stink (E8)

Sprocket is lured into eating a seed from one of the blue plants, which causes him to constantly swell with gas while it’s inside him.

Hungry (E10)

Nigella and the Turner Brats all eat seeds from the plants and suffer the same bloating effects Sprocket did.

Mutant (E11)

Matchbox eats one of the blue plant seeds, which causes some minor mutations as well as bloating later on.