Dawn of Isles

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Dawn of Isles
Genre Massive multiplayer
Platform Android OS
Developer NetEase Games
Country China
Release date May 30, 2019

Dawn of Isles is an MMO game developed by the Chinese company NetEase Games, and released for Android and iOS in 2019. As an MMO, the player can select a class to play as, then explore the world to collect and harvest materials and then use the materials to craft items, weapons, and armor. There are also plenty of quests to go on with other players, and lots of enemies to fight.

When the game is first started, the player will need to complete a tutorial, teaching them on the basics of gathering materials, crafting, and enemy combat. At the end of the tutorial, the player faces a boss, the Gluttonous Borgo. One of the Borgo's attacks is a body slam, where it massively inflates its body before jumping into the air and landing on the player. It is impossible to die during this tutorial.