Darkstalkers 3

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Darkstalkers 3
2340613-box ds3.png
Genre Fighting
Platform Arcade
Sega Saturn
Developer Capcom
Country Japan
Release date May 1997

Darkstalkers 3 (Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire in Japan) is an arcade fighting game released by Capcom in 1997. Console versions followed soon after the arcade release. The plot centers on Jedah Dohma, a nobleman demon from Makai. After resurrecting, he sees the realm's chaotic state and decides to recreate it. He makes a pocket dimension called Majigen and summons worthy souls to use, which happen to be the souls of the Darkstalkers.

Jedah possesses a move called "Sangue = Passare". For this move, he grabs his opponent and inflates a part of their body with excess blood until the part bursts. If the opponent has any health remaining, they will reform after bursting. However, if the Sangue = Passare is the finishing blow, then the opponent will not reform.

If Jedah uses the Sangue Passare on Jon Talbain, his belly inflates.

Additionally, if Jedah uses Sangue Passare on himself in a mirror match, his belly inflates.