Chuck's Choice

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Chuck's Choice
Genre Comedy
Science fiction
Developer Kervin Faria
Production company DHX Media/Vancouver
Corus Entertainment
Country Canada
Original run May 6, 2017 - June 9, 2017

Chuck's Choice is a Canadian animated series created by Kervin Faria that began airing on Syndication in 2017. Chuck McFarlane is given an alien robot called the U-Decide 3000, who is able to change reality by giving Chuck three choices for what happens next. Along with best friend Misha, the three go on many thrilling adventures.


Paw Enforcement (S01E09b)

After claiming that Joey was the culprit behind the disappearance of Biff Adonis' cheese statue, Chuck remembers that he and UD took it.

Who's on Cursed? (S01E10b)

At the end of the episode, UD shows what would have happened if Chuck chose beaver teeth instead of squirrel hands.

Veggie Tails (S01E11b)

Chuck commands the animals he is controlling to devour the monstrous eggplant he chose.

No Pain, No Dwayne (S01E12a)

Chuck gives himself a pelican beak and uses it for all-you-can-eat meatballs.

How to Restrain Your Dragon (S01E13b)

Chuck, Misha, and UD get stuffed from eating nachos and pizza while playing flight sims all night — as does Sal the dragon, which causes her to gain weight and be placed into protective custody.

The Good, the Bad and the UD (S01E20)

Chuck is stripped of being the Decider and the title is given to Rex Chiselchin, who kept choosing flapjacks. After turning himself to stone in a failed attempt to fight the snake men, Rex is slowly eaten by a snake.