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Celebrity Deathmatch is a claymation series created by Eric Fogel, whose pilot episodes aired on MTV in January 1998. Each episode had celebrities fight to the death in a wrestling ring. There tends to be much gore and the fights are exaggerated, but it is all for humor. The show ran on MTV from 1998 to 2002 until it got canceled. Then it ran for two more seasons on MTV2 from 2006 to 2007. There was also a video game released.

A Celebrity Deathmatch Special Report (S04E03)

Keri Russell swallows a helium tank and Katie Holmes uses it to inflate her. Russell then explodes, which was not Holmes' doing.

Nick Diamond puts a hose in Sam Donaldson's mouth, causing him to fill up with water. He also gets electrocuted by the microphone Johnny Gomez shoved down his throat.

Gottfried in the Arena (S04E08)

Frankie Muniz gives Robert Iler ravioli spiked with antacids, making him explode.

Fandemonium IV (S04E17)

Keith Famie force-feeds uncooked rice and hot water to Jerri Manthey, causing her to bloat and explode.

Sibling Slaughterhouse (S05E03)

Mary-Kate Olsen eats a cupcake thrown into the ring by Kelly Osbourne. Mary-Kate becomes bloated then dies when her stomach rejects her body.

The Banter Bloodbath (S06E03)

After being told to "put a cork in it," Chris Rose does exactly that. He doesn't stop trying to talk and inflates. He floats into a light and explodes.