Captain Britain

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Captain Britain
202-2021479 brian-braddock-aka-captain-britain-of-marvel-comics.jpg
Genre Superhero
Creator Chris Claremont
Herb Trimpe
Publisher Marvel Comics
Country United Kingdom
United States
Original run 1976 - present

Captain Britain is a superhero of the Marvel Comics universe, created by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe. He was originally made exclusively for the British market, but he was eventually put in American comics. Having mystic powers given to him by the Amulet of Right, he is the champion of the British Isles and member of the interdimensional Captain Britain Corps.

The Sword is Drawn (Excalibur Special Edition, 1987)

Technet has been sent to capture Phoenix, who is swallowed by their member Bodybag.

The Eye of the Beholder (Excalibur Vol. 1 #20, 1990)

Upset that Captain Britain isn't interested in her, Meggan shapeshifts into different forms, including a fat form.

Home Comforts (Excalibur Vol. 1 #43, 1991)

Bodybag swells from a nylon allergy after eating Kitty's teddy bear.

Ascension (Excalibur Vol. 1 #64, 1993)

Meggan swells herself to help escape Fern's grasp.

The Blue River Score, Part 6: The Mourner (Rocket #6, 2017)