Capertown Cops

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Capertown Cops
Genre Comedy
Production company BKN
Country United States
Original run 2000 - 2001

Capertown Cops is an animated show produced by Bohbot Kids Network (BKN). It is about a quartet of bumbling police officers who serve the city of Capertown and the cartoony antics that ensue. They are also unaware that the unscrupulous Mayor Kickback is really the town's biggest criminal.

Knockout Knuckleheads (E02)

Knucklehead eats a stick of dynamite and is unharmed by the explosion.

Holey Doughnuts (E10)

The cops face off against Mayor Kickback in a doughnut eating contest. To ensure the mayor's victory, Nolo orders Expand-O-Brand doughnuts to give the cops, but accidentally gives them to Kickback instead.

Do Not Donut (E18)

After Mayor Kickback repeals his law that makes doughnuts illegal, Chief Donuts inhales a plateful of them.