Camp Lakebottom

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Camp Lakebottom
Genre Comedy-horror
Developer Eric Jacobson
Betsy McGowen
Production company Skywriter Media
Jam Filled Entertainment
9 Story Media Group
Country Canada
Original run July 7, 2013 - July 24, 2017

Camp Lakebottom is a 2013 Canadian cartoon series on Teletoon created by Eric Jacobson and Betsy McGowen. It is about three children who end up in the twisted Camp Lakebottom when their bus goes the wrong way.

Frankenfixer (S01E05b)

Marshmallow Madness (S01E07a)

The kids get stuffed and later puff up from a rash when they eat wild marshmallows.

Pranks For Nothing (S01E08a)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep (S01E11b)

Squirt tries to stop a leak in the submarine with his mouth.

Camp Plantbottom (S01E19a)

McGee eats the birthday cake his parents sent him to give to Suzi.

Dream a Little Scream (S01E26b)

Inside McGee's dream, the Dream Weevil demonstrates his power by inflating Squirt's unicorn.

Right after that, the kids use water-shooting tanks to fight the Dream Weevil, but this proves ineffective.

S.P.U.D.S. (S02E02a)

The Potato King explodes after swallowing Suzi, who became enraged.

There Is Something About Mamba (S02E03b)

After Anna Mamba reveals her true colors, she eats Sawyer, but McGee forces her to spit him out.

Smells Like the Holidays (S02E20b)

The Old Man and the McGee (S03E11a)

The Camp Lakebottom Classic (Part 2) (S03E13b)

Squirt beats one of the Sunny Smilers in an eating contest.