Bully Wars

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Bully Wars
Genre Comedy
Creator Scottie Young
Aaron Conley
Publisher Image Comics
Country United States
Original run September 2018 - January 2019

Bully Wars is a five-issue comic book series created by Scottie Young and Aaron Conley. It is set in the town of Rottenville, which has more bullies than any other place in the world. The bully Rufus has picked on the friends of Spencer, Edith, and Ernie since kindergarten, which makes him think that he will be on top in high school. However, he is knocked down a peg by a bigger bully named Hock. To get back on top, Rufus accepts help from his former victims to enter and win the Bully Wars, a competition in which the winner decides which students get bullied or not.

#4, 2018

Rufus defeats Nom Nom by making her eat too much.