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Bug Martini (originally just Bug) is a gag-per-day webcomic created by Adam Huber in 2009. Its characters are cockroaches who are used to poke fun at different subjects.

Out Of Shape

I Hate Meetings


Harry Porker

You Say You Want a Resolution

Vegetarians VS Atkins

Super Size Me

Appetite Through the Ages

Just Desserts

No Sumo for Youmo

Treats are Tricky

Catch Twenty Poo

Love is in the Air

Fatty Pants

Dress for Success

Much a Dough About Nothing

Fight Grub

The Fast and the Famished

[Enemy Week] Despicable Me

Catch Twenty Poo: Number Two

Ab Sense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Age Before Booty

One Step Forward, Two Steps Fat

The Blobby

Glaze be to God

The Weight to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach

If Looks Could Grill

Trefoiled Again

A Clean Grill of Health


The Cybernetic Sofa

That's How the Cookie Dumbbells

My Fit Personality

When All's Sled and Done

Traveling at the Speed of Thin Mints

Gut Your Losses

Candy Hush Saga

Cheese It!

A Twist Of Ate


Over My Dad Body