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Brickleberry is an adult animated sitcom created by Roger Black and Waco O'Guin for Comedy Central, first aired on September 25, 2012. The series explores the daily activities of a group of park rangers, and their adopted, bigoted bear cub, at the Brickleberry National Park.

Race Off! (S01E05)

Connie has a flashback to when she was in the army. Her flashback explains that she got fat, when her general, Kirk Sanders forced her to eat food all the time, as punishment for her sneaking in a Thanksgiving turkey.

Woody's Girl (S02E03)

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While taking Woody's personality, Ethel's stress-eating causes her to gain enough weight to resemble him, which she does not realize until she looks at herself in the mirror. She remains like this throughout the rest of the episode, although an animation mistake near the end causes her to slim down to normal for only one shot.

Trip to Mars (S02E11)

Steve is injected with different kinds of serums, one of which makes him inflate and become really fat.

Miss National Park (S03E03)

Connie has a flashback to her childhood, which explains how she got fat. During her musical performance, she hit puberty and got really big and fat. Strangely, this backstory contradicts the last backstory, which suggested that she didn't gain weight, until she was an adult (see Race Off! above).

High Stakes (S03E09)

Woody is shown packing on weight as he tries to lose it.