Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese

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Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
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Genre Comedy
Developer Jeff Harter
Production company Cloudco Entertainment
WatchNext Media
Kavaleer Productions
Country United States
Original run October 31, 2019 - present

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese is a 2019 animated comedy that follows an interesting blended family. The sons are a boy, a dog, and a mouse, whereas the daughters are a girl, a cat, and a living piece of cheese. Despite a weird family dynamic and the discord between them, they still love and help each other.

Pen Pals (S01E02)

Boy bakes great cookies, but only for his pen pal Gretchen. His siblings pretend to be Gretchen so they can get the cookies for themselves.

The Cheesy Diary (S01E03)

Cat eats a stack of books.

We Could Be Heroes (S01E16)

Cheese gives Mouse (another) fruit sculpture as thanks for him accidentally saving her life.

Safety Dance (S01E26)

When the escaped party lion shows up at the family's house, they use Boy's safety training and gather essentials, with Girl using Cat to suck some up.

Suit Yourself (S01E39)

Dog partakes of the "light snack" Lady Burlington offers him.

Chili Overload (S02E10)

Cat eats one of the stools at Miss Skippy's restaurant.

Yeah Baby! (S03E02)

Mouse has overeaten during lunch at Skippy's.

Pool Party Crashers (S03E07)

Boy breaks the rule of eating only one free apple to help Dog get back his job at the community pool.