Bounty Hamster

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Bounty Hamster
Genre Action
Developer David Max Freedman
Alan Gilbey
Production company Peafur Productions
Silver Fox
Winchester Television
Country United Kingdom
Original run January 9, 2003 - May 22, 2003

Bounty Hamster is a British cartoon series created by David Max Freedman and Alan Gilbey. It aired on ITV's CITV block for five months in 2003 before its finale and cancellation.

The show is about a 13 year old girl named Cassie Harrison who goes on a mission to save her father from evil space pirates, but cannot do it without a bounty hunter. The best she could get is a blue hamster with an eyepatch named Marion.

Chin Raider (S01E03)

One of the bat monks worshipping the Golden Chin conquers the "ordeal of the hot pancake". So does Cassie later on.

Fashion Victim (S01E16)

Cassie gets taken to the aptly named Claud La Fraud's "School of Fashion", where she is told that big is beautiful. She finds the concept of gaining weight to be "cool", so she proceeds to become a plus-size model only to learn that it is a dinner trap (which Claud never keeps a secret). Since no men other than the staff are allowed, Marion dresses up in drag to rescue Cassie, asking her to lose some weight. Fortunately the gorilla bouncer that Marion caught the eye of rescues them and Cassie stays fat until the next episode without any mention of weight loss.



The Lost World (S01E20)

When Cassie and Marion are surrounded, the only way they can escape is by Marion eating Cassie and then himself, transporting them somewhere safe.