Blue Cat and Dian Dian’s World Tour

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Blue Cat and Dian Dian’s World Tour
Production company Tianjin Blue Cat Cartoon Media Co., Ltd
Country China
Original run December 2012 - Unknown

Blue Cat and Dian Dian’s World Tour (or Blue Cat's Journey to the West) is a Chinese animated series and part of the large-scale series 3000 Whys of Blue Cat. This series is about Blue Cat and the elf Dian Dian, who accidentally end up in another world and offend the king. As punishment, the two have to travel to different places around the world and complete tasks through a magical mirror, after which they will be able to return home. The show also teaches viewers about cultures of other countries.

Wishes Come True (E03)

Let’s bullfight (E05)

A bouquet of flowers (E20)

Gaining Friendship (E24)

As Dian Dian drinks, Blue Cat's stomach expands.

Happy Birthday (E27)

It’s all the fault of sneezing (E31)

Defeating the Mummy (E38)

A Plate of Macaroni (E40)

Mud (E43)

Beautiful Fat Bride (E48)

Chun Chun Shi Xin (E51)

Blue Cat Learns Art (E56)

Western Food Story (E59)

Misunderstanding (E68)

Place napkins carefully (E86)