Blood Lad

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Blood Lad
Blood Lad cover.jpg
Genre Action
Demographic Seinen
Writer Kodama Yuuki
Illustrator Kodama Yuuki
Magazine Young Ace
Volumes 17
Original run Sep 4, 2009 - Sep 6, 2016

Blood Lad is a manga series created by Kodama Yuuki as writer and illustrator. The series follows Staz Charlie Blood, leader of district most merciless and powerful in Demon World. However, he´s a vampire who refuses to drink human blood and has a strange obsession with human culture, taking a keen interest in Japan. When a cute human girl named Fuyumi appears into the midst of Demon World, Staz develops an interest in her and uses this rare opportunity to consult her on human society. But, this conversation is abrupt cut, when another demon appears search to challenge Staz. Momentarily leaving Fuyumi, Staz swiftly defeats his opponent, but finds that Fuyumi was eaten by a carnivorous plant in his absence! Fortunately, Fuyumi still alive, part of her, now only her ghost exists in the Demon World, losing the human appeal that attracted Staz in the first place. Now, he's determined to find the way for resurrected her body. What will take him to travel to the human world-a dream come true for Staz-where he, Fuyumi, and their associates' misadventures quest is just about to begin.

The World of the Weak (Volume 13, Chapter 64)

Bell gets bloated by eating too much meat pork.

Time to Unite (Volume 14, Chapter 66)

As Bell, Fuyumi gets bloated as a result of eating too much pork.

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