Billy Bonkers

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Billy Bonkers
Author Giles Andreae
Illustrator Nick Sharatt
Publisher Hachette Children's Group
Original run 1st October 2005 - 3rd April 2014
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Billy Bonkers is a series of nine books written by Giles Andreae and illustrated by Nick Sharatt and Spike Gerrell. The series centre around the eponymous Billy Bonkers and his family and their surreal adventures. The books are primarily aimed at boys aged 7 up, and feature crude, zany humour.

Billy Bonkers and the Great Porridge Incident

Billy Bonkers eats so much raw porridge oats for breakfast that his "warm wet tummy" starts to swell and pump him up like a balloon. He begins to float, crashing through the kitchen ceiling, his sister's ceiling and the roof, into a tree. His pyjamas snag and unravel, tying him to the branch. After witnessing a baby be burped, Billy's sister Betty tries to encourage him to burp, but unable to do so on cue, he continues to inflate. The family uses Mrs Bonker's enormous pants to launch an overcooked pork pie at Billy's back, burping him and causing him to deflate and shoot into the air. He crashes into a gang of thieves and is deemed a hero - rewarded with free cake, sweets, ice cream and chocolate from Mrs Dingleberry's Emporium.