Big Thinkers!

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Big Thinkers!
Genre Adventure
Platform Windows
Developer Humongous Entertainment
Country United States
Release date October 21, 1997

Big Thinkers! is a short-lived series of educational video games released in 1997. Only two games were produced (Big Thinkers! Kindergarten and Big Thinkers! 1st Grade), and while a third game was planned, it was scrapped because making three games simultaneously was overambitious. The games star the shapeshifting siblings Ben and Becky Brightly. They provide the player with minigames with the objective of collecting SmartStars.

Both games

In the introduction, Ben turns into a balloon. He and Becky also inflate to bounce around.

When collecting a SmartStar, it may turn itself into a balloon and deflate into the bank.

Big Thinkers! 1st Grade

Ben turns himself into a globe for the geography game.

Becky can take the form of an opera singer in the music game.