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This article contains images that may be inappropriate or unsettling for minors. Please read with caution.
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Big Mouth is an adult animated original on Netflix, created by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. It premiered on September 29, 2017.

The series focuses on 13-year-old Nick Birch, who has yet to start puberty, unlike his painfully-everchanging friend, Andrew Glouberman, who is constantly being tormented by his perverted hormone monster, Maury, who causes him to experience the miserable road of puberty. They and other young teens also get hormone monsters who make them suffer through all the worst and most disgusting parts of puberty and growing up.

The series has undergone a lot of controversy as many people consider it to be "child pornography", due to it constantly depicting the exposed genitals of minors and these characters engaging in sexual acts. However, showrunners argue that due to the show being animated and the fact that all instances of sex and nudity are essential to the plot, the show can't reasonably be classified as such. Rather, they consider it to be an unfiltered coming-of-age story that exhibits all of the gross and embarrassing elements of going through puberty in a way that's disturbingly, but satisfyingly relatable to its audience, all in a well-written and hilarious story.

Poop Madness (S04E03)

Afraid to poop at camp, Andrew holds his poop in for an entire month, causing his body to inflate with tons of fecal matter, as he plunges into a vat of poop madness.