Beverly Hills Teens

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Beverly Hills Teens
Beverly Hills Teens Title Card.PNG
Genre Sitcom
Developer Jack Olesker
Michael Maliani
Barry O'Brien
Production company DIC Animation City
Country United States
Original run September 21, 1987 - December 18, 1987

Beverly Hills Teens is an American animated comedy produced by DIC. The show briefly ran from September 1987 to the following December with a total of 65 episodes. The show's premise focuses on the opulent lives of four wealthy teenagers living together in Beverly Hills, California.

Hold the Anchovies (E39)

Being Bianca's only customer at the pizza restaurant on the first day of the contest, Wilshire eats six pizzas by himself.

Bianca's Diary (E57)

Bianca plies Pierce with food in a scheme to steal back her diary.