Beethoven (TV series)

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Beethoven is an American animated TV series based on the live-action films of the same name. The show ran on CBS from September 1994 to December of the same year. Loosely following the premise of the films, the show focuses on the titular dog living among his human family, the Newtons, in sub-urban North America and often getting on the nerves of the family’s father, George. Unlike in the films, Beethoven can speak, but only among other animals.

Puppy Time (S01E04)

A small pup impatiently eats the dinner that was supposed to be for the entire family.

The Dog Must Diet (S01E16)

After fainting from eating too much of George’s steak dinner, the family discovers Beethoven is fifty pounds overweight and so puts him on a diet. However Beethoven circumvents it by filling up on food he finds with Sparky in garbage cans at night.