Beast Master

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Beast Master
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Genre Romance
Demographic Shōjo
Writer Kyousuke Motomi
Illustrator Kyousuke Motomi
Publisher Shogakukan
Magazine Betsucomi
Volumes 2
Original run September 2006 - February 2007

Beast Master is a manga series created by Kyousuke Motomi, having a short run in the magazine Betsucomi. Yuiko Kubozuka is a high school student who loves animals, but animals always run away from her. She meets Leo Aoi when he gets her cat out of a tree. Despite Leo's fierce expression, he is actually a kind-hearted person, and Yuiko becomes his first friend. However, the sight of blood causes him to lash out like a violent beast, but Yuiko is able to calm him down. They start to fall in love, but circumstances surrounding Leo's family threaten to split them up.

Cactus Summer Surprise (Volume 2, Chapter 7.5)