Battle for Dream Island

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Battle for Dream Island is an animated web series created by twins Cary and Michael Huang. Starting in 2010, it is known for starting the "object show" genre in web animation, which features a variety of living objects as characters. This show's premise is that a group of objects compete in challenges for a chance to win ownership of an island. After each challenge, someone is eliminated from the game, decided by the viewers' votes.

Battle for BFDI

Lick Your Way to Freedom (E02)

The challenge is to find a contestant inside a giant jawbreaker. Cloudy collects the jawbreakers by swallowing them.

Today's Very Special Episode (E04)

Four is misshapen after eating Team BEEP's cake, made in his likeness, but poops himself back to normal when startled by Bell's ringing.

The Escape from Four (E16)

Stapy's plan for escaping the EXIT is to stack items to reach Four's mouth. When he starts with the refrigerator, Four's lower body takes its shape.

BFDI Mini Delicious

Vote who rejoins! (E07)

Chips eats an entire truck carrying sandwiches.

Musical Chairs: Vote Who Leaves! (E08)