Bangle School

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Bangle School
Genre Fantasy
Production company Picto Studio
Country Korea
Original run December 2017 - unknown

Bangle School is a Korean animated series developed by Picto Studio. It follows the nine students who were invited to the titular school by the teacher Punklin, who told them that it will help them achieve their dreams. According to the Absolute School Rules, they are prohibited from dating or having secret crushes on each other. Breaking these rules leads to special punishments. As the students work towards graduation, they find interest in romantic relationships.

A Strange Teacher (E04)

Punklin is able to inflate and fly around, which she does often.

Absolute School Rules (E05)

Absolute Punishment (E06)

Our Dreams 1 (E08)

Our Dreams 2 (E09)

Judy's Magic Book (E13)

Toto uses Balloon Magic to save Judy from falling.

Roly is Lonely (E15)

Valentine's Day Incident (E18)

Ruby as a Masked Bird (E28)

Charles's True Feeling (E29)

Race to the Death (E37)

Ruby vs Ruby (E40)

Judy's Crisis (E41)

Punklin's Crush 1 (E46)

Punklin's Crush 2 (E47)

Their Situation (E53)

Punklin's Plan (E54)

Yalie's Charges (E58)

Judy's Love Letter (E59)

Birth of the Little Witch (E65)

Judy vs Punklin (E69)

Punklin's Confession (E72)

Punklin's Innermost Feelings (E77)

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