Bang Bang Busters

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Genre Platformer
Platform Neo Geo, Sega Dreamcast
Developer Visco, Neo Conception International
Country Japan
Release date 2010
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Bang² Busters is a single-screen platformer developed by Visco. The game was completed and slated to be released in 1994 but was canceled for unknown reasons. It was reconsidered for release in 2000 along with ZuPaPa! by SNK, but was again canceled until it was released in 2010 when Neo Conception obtained the rights to Bang² Busters from Visco. Gameplay functions similarly to other "Tumblepop" style games, the player shoots a beam of energy that inflates enemies so they can be used as projectiles. Unlike similar games, the projectiles aren't affected by gravity and don't bounce off walls. Instead, throws travel in a straight line thus making clearing the screen more dependent on precise throws, or getting in close to bash enemies against each other.

Lazy and Refia, two rabbit-like aliens, are traveling through space when they receive an SOS signal from a Planet called Palua. The SOS ends up being a trap set by a mysterious squid-like alien, Honey Rabit, to seemingly test the duo's skill. However, it's more likely that Honey wanted to add the duo to his plushie collection. As, upon defeat, Honey admits he wanted to create a galaxy full of plushies, each boss is piloted by a plushie, and he constantly wears/talks through his favorite rabbit plush for the majority of the game.