Babymouse (series)

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Babymouse-Title Card.png
Author Jennifer L. Holm
Illustrator Matthew Holm
Publisher Random House
Original run 2005 - 2016
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The Babymouse graphic novel series was created by the brother and sister team, Matthew and Jennifer Holm. While both siblings have a history in writing, Jennifer is credited as the author of the books with her brother being the illustrator. The original books ran for eleven years before ending in the twentieth book Babymouse goes for gold. Afterward, several spin-offs and compilation books were made from the original series with the last spin-off being published in 2019. The book uses several running gags throughout the series and also breaks the fourth wall on a regular basis. Babymouse often talks to the Narrator and frequently parodies existing books/stories, like Cinderella, in her imagination. The books also like to play off the animal nature of the cast in some of the jokes. For instance, Babymouse is forced to pull the carriage during her Cinderella imagination as it was the mouse that pulled the carriage in the original story.
The books center around the titular Babymouse, a sassy young mouse with a love for cupcakes, books, and the color pink. Babymouse's troubles never seem to end as she has dealt with her homework eating locker, dodgeball practice, and being the target of the meanest girl in school, Felicia. Of course, her own overactive imagination taking over and placing her in the role of many famous book characters when she needs to focus doesn't help matters either. At the least, Babymouse will always be able to count on her friends, and sometimes the narrator, to make things better when everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Too bad no one can help Babymouse with her source of constant ridicule, her unnaturally messy whiskers.

Book 14: Mad Scientist (2011)

Babymouse insults her Amoeba project by calling him a blob when he fails to tell her anything exciting about himself. Subsequently, the amoeba, Squish, counters by bringing up Babymouse's messy whiskers and she goes for a snack break. She comes back with a plate of cupcakes and shares one of them with the Amoeba. Sidenote: Squish is the titular character of his own book series by the same author.

Book 15: A Very Babymouse Christmas (2011)

On Christmas Eve, Babymouse bakes cupcakes her Mom and leaves them with a glass of milk near the fireplace for Santa Claus. She manages to last a good five minutes before eating all the cupcakes herself, much to the narrator's shock.

Book 18: Happy Birthday, Babymouse (2014)

While checking the supplies for her birthday party, Babymouse learns that the cupcakes she ordered never arrived. The Baker tells her family that the cupcakes were made last night but have somehow gone missing the following morning. The book then cuts to the troublesome gnomes who are eating the birthday cupcakes as revenge for Babymouse not inviting them to her party.

Book 19: Bad Babysitter (2015)

As Babymouse is reading a comic she sees an advertisement for a brand new scooter. She rushes to ask her Mom if she can buy it and her mother asks her how much of her allowance is left. Babymouse then flashes back to two days ago when she spent all of her money on cupcakes.

Later on, Babymouse takes up babysitting to make money for her scooter and neglects to feed the baby until some helpful bystanders remind her. While feeding the baby, she has a daydream about being the very hungry caterpillar and eating too much.