Ayane Oujou-sama wa Sanova B**ch ni Araserareru

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Ayane Oujou-sama wa Sanova B**ch ni Araserareru (roughly translated as Lady Ayane is a Sanova Slut) is a shōnen manga written and illustrated by TAKANO Yuuya, and published by Square Enix. In it, faithful butler Shinobayashi is tasked with tailing university student Ayane Sanova by her wealthy, overprotective father, who fears that she's potentially being seduced by her male classmates.

In a Western-style Rest**rant (Volume 2, Chapter 11)

Malnourished and pale after a recent bout of dieting, Ayane orders a giant omelet – with soup and salad sides – at a local restaurant. She enjoys her meal (so much so that the other patrons' appetites are stimulated as well), but returns home stuffed at a very inopportune time.