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Avocado Couple is an animated web series on YouTube created by TheSoul Publishing about two avocados' romantic relationship.

Self Defense Techniques For Vegetables

Ava escapes a kidnapping by eating enough to break her bonds.



Barbara's Pregnancy Prank


In a thumbnail unconnected with the events of the video, Barbara's pregnancy is shown to just be a food baby.

Barbara Became FAT!



In the opening scene, the couple's neighbour, Barbara, is able to eat junk food without consequence while Ava gains weight after a single french fry.

Barbara is then revealed to be hiding her true weight by use of a magic necklace.

FUNNY Things Your GRANDMA Does || Relatable Family Situations by Avocado Couple


The video itself is the about a not-typically-relatable hostage situation, but the thumbnail depicts a carrot being overfed by her doting grandmother.

TYPES OF GIRLS || Funny Differences by Avocado Couple

After a series of sketches highlighting their differences, it's revealed that Ava and Carrot both allow their guts to hang out after returning from the gym.

Later: Ava's beauty contest rival, Squash, stuffs herself at a fast food restaurant.

She is then seen gaining weight throughout the rest of the episode.

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