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Genre Comedy
Developer Ken Foong
Production company Lemon Sky Studios
Country Malaysia
Original run August 3, 2018 - December 4, 2019

AstroLOLogy is a 3D-animated web series based on the Greek Zodiac. Episodes are done in short skits and focus on the conflicting personalities that define the symbols. The series ran for two seasons with a total of 288 episodes, divided into sets of twelve sharing a common theme.

Kitty Kan't Wait (S01E21)

At the pet store, Libra can't decide which food to buy for his cat. His hungry cat starts to see him as a fish and eats him offscreen.

Joke's on You (S01E41)

The Gemini twins spend the day scaring people with a rubber snake until they scare Leo and Sagittarius. A large snake ends up swallowing both of the twins.

Enter the Dohyō (S01E96)

Capricorn challenges Taurus to a sumo match, but Taurus beats him easily by puffing out his gut.

Capricorn works out and gains some weight for his rematch with Taurus only to lose again. Capricorn then spots that Taurus keeps winning thanks to his diet and binges on food to gain weight. The episode ends with Capricorn losing his last rematch due to getting stuck in a door.

Love Is Sweet (S02E06)

Taurus appears at Cancer's door offering roses, balloons, and a gift box containing cake. Cancer then fantasizes about her getting married to Taurus and comes to the conclusion that Taurus will make her fat by constantly feeding her sweets.

Curbing Cravings (S02E74)

Pisces goes to the store to buy healthy food, but she gets visions of junk food attacking her and briefly imagines herself overweight. The same image is used for the title card of the episode.

Uh-oh Spaghetti-No! (S02E78)

Cancer takes Leo on a date to an Italian restaurant so they can kiss by eating spaghetti. She messes up the kiss so many times that Leo ends up stuffed. On the final attempt, Leo throws up on Cancer after eating one last noodle.

Cancer and the Wolf (S02E126)

In a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, Cancer's grandmother is shown to already have been eaten by the wolf.