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Genre Comedy
Creator René Goscinny
Albert Uderzo
Publisher Dargaud
Éditions Albert René
Country France
Original run October 29, 1959 - present

Asterix is a Franco-Belgian comic created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. It was first serialized in 1959 in the magazine Pilote. Popularity led it to being printed in its own albums, and it became one of the most prominent Franco-Belgian comics in the world. Adaptations in film, television, games, and more have been made. Set in the year 50 B.C., a village of Gauls resists the invasion attempts of the Roman Empire, using a magic potion that temporarily gives super strength to defend themselves. One of these Gauls is Asterix, a clever warrior who goes on many adventures, usually to stop the Romans' plans. He is aided by the super-strong Obelix and the druid Getafix, who makes the potion.


Asterix and the Great Divide (1980)

Because they took both the magic potion and the healing elixir, the Romans inflate and then shrink.

Video games

Asterix and the Great Rescue

One of the enemies, a German/Viking woman, inflates and explodes when the player gets close.


Asterix and the Big Fight

When Getafix the druid loses his mind, he starts making all sorts of potions and feeds them to a Roman soldier, who swells up at one point.

Asterix Conquers America

The villainous roman senator Lucullus gets swallowed whole by Caesar's pet panther at the end of the film.