Asobi Asobase

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Asobi Asobase
Genre Surreal comedy
Demographic Seinen
Writer Rin Suzukawa
Illustrator Rin Suzukawa
Publisher Hakusensha
Magazine Young Animal Densi/Manga Park
Young Animal
Volumes 12
Started June 26, 2015
Ended present
Directed by Seiji Kishi
Studio Lerche
Original run July 8, 2018 - December 26, 2018

Asobi Asobase is a manga series created by Rin Suzukawa and serialized by Hakusensha in June 2015. An anime adaptation made by Lerche ran in 2018. It follows a trio of middle school girls named Kasumi, Hanako, and Olivia. They make up the unofficial Pastimers Club and spend time playing games and doing activities, which they often take too seriously.


A Kind Pervert (Volume 1, Chapter 5)


The Kind Pervert (E01d)