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Arthur logo.gif
Genre Comedy-drama
Slice of Life
Developer Marc Brown
Kathy Waugh
Production company WGBH Boston
Cookie Jar Entertainment (seasons 1-15)
9 Story Media Group (seasons 16–19)
Oasis Animation (seasons 16-25)
Country United States
Original run October 7, 1996 - February 21, 2022

Arthur is an American/Canadian animated TV series based on Marc Brown's book series of the same name. The show began airing on PBS in October 1996 and ended in February 2022.

The show's setting takes place in the fictional town of Elwood City, where all of its citizens are anthropomorphic animals. Including the show's main character, Arthur Read, who is an 8-year-old aardvark in 3rd Grade. He, along with his family and friends, handle many every-day life situations together, ranging from a wide variety of subjects across the show's run.

Francine's Bad Hair Day (S01E01b)

Buster drinks six cans of soda before he has his picture taken.

Bully for Binky (S01E23a)

Using drawings to think of ways to stop Binky from bullying, Buster suggests giving him all their desserts to fatten him up and slow him down. Arthur rejects the idea noting that Binky could fall and flatten them if he was that big.

Draw! (S02E01b)

Buster draws a comic depicting Francine as a lime-flavored slime monster, which Buster (in the comic) defeats by eating.

The Return of the King (S03E09b)

A student from Glenbrook beats Buster at a pie-eating contest because he slowly stretched his stomach to an 18 liter capacity by eating huge breakfasts over the past few weeks.

The Long Dull Winter (S03E15b)

Arthur and his friends try to come up with a new holiday, and Buster's idea is "Give Me Candy Day". Where everyone literally gives him candy, and when he's eaten all he can, he shares it with other kids.

Binky Barnes, Wingman! (S04E07a)

In the episode's intro, Arthur explains how some peoples interest in things can get out of hand, using Buster's interest in food as an example, showing him eating an enormous chocolate sundae.

Just Desserts (S05E09a)

Arthur eats a lot of candy before dinner, then ultimately eats two slices of cake. He then later has a dream where he gets force-fed by a giant wedding cake with a resemblance to his grandmother.

The Great Sock Mystery (S07E01b)

During the stake-out, Pal eats a bunch of doughnuts and falls asleep.

Ants in Arthur's Pants (S07E03a)

Attempting to lure the ants loose in the house, Arthur and D.W. have a lengthy indoor picnic.

Arthur Weighs In (S09E03a)

The episode's fantasy sequence before the title card has a carnival barker showing off various enormous objects, ending with the "Leaden Lump of Elwood City", which is actually Arthur.

Later on in the episode when he discovers he needs husky-sized clothes, Arthur has a fantasy sequence of him in said clothes, which exaggerate the fact that he's put on weight.

Mr. Ratburn also tells Arthur that, as a child, he use to be rather chubby until he began playing ping-pong and gradually shed the weight over the years.

Buster's Garden of Grief (S15E08a)

Worried that he'll be too distracted to take care of the community garden by himself, Buster daydreams that he eats a bunch of ice cream from an ice cream truck, leaving the garden in shambles.

Night of the Tibble (S16E05a)

James eats too much at the Tibbles' slumber party and gets a stomach ache.