Arrogance and Romance

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Arrogance and Romance is romantic comedy web-manhua written by Kim Seol-Hui and illustrated by Jung Ra-Jang. It follows the life of hapless office worker Sook-Hwi, whose life is complicated by an old fried returning to Korea from the states.

Chapter 80

Sook-Hwi complains about being bloated while out to eat.

Chapter 105

Sook-Hwi imagines herself with pregnancy weight.

Chapter 174

Spoiler warning!
This article contains details of the ending and/or a surprise plot element.

This final chapter depicts a pregnant Sook-Hwi complaining about her weight. Later, as the story wraps up we see a photo album of future events in her life. One of these is her in a later stage (or possibly pregnant with a second child), happily embracing her extra weight.