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Genre Slice of Life
Creator John L. Goldwater
Publisher Archie Comics
Country United States
Original run 1941 - present

Archie is an ongoing comic book franchise created by John L. Goldwater that first began in 1942, the Archie story originally being published in an issue of Pep Comics in December 1941.

The comics are set in Riverdale and focus on the life of teenager Archie Andrews, as well as his friends Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle and Jughead Jones.


Horsepitality (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #5, April 1951)

Feast or Famine (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #6, June 1951)

Suffering after a week deprived of hamburgers as part of a wager with Reggie, Jughead's own sleeping mind betrays him; he later wins the bet, but is baffled as to why he isn't hungry.

Cookie Caper (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #6, June 1951)

Taste of the Town (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #9, December 1951)

Jughead dulls his tongue with a shot of novocaine to endure what he thinks will be Veronica's awful cooking, wasting a delicious meal by Gaston.

Tonsil Tonic (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #9, December 1951)

Jughead's friends send him a massive gift of ice cream ahead of his tonsillectomy, which he greedily eats all at once.

Vitamin "See" (Archie Comics #59, November/December 1952)

Ice Cream, You Scream (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #20, October 1953)

Illustration for text story.

It's All Mental (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #22, February 1954)

Jughead stuffs himself to try and keep from fixating on burgers during his psych evaluation.

Light Eaters! (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #25, August 1954)

Jughead takes advantage of the situation while secretly serving Archie and Veronica their candlelit dinner.

(Untitled) (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #28, February 1955)

A-Loan To-Gather (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #31, August 1955)

Believing Jug has between 98 and 100 dollars (two dollars, in reality), Archie and Reggie stuff him while attempting to wheedle the money from prom tickets out of him.

Vocal Yokel (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #32, October 1955)

Reggie, aspiring talent manager, takes good care of what he assumes is a top singing prospect.

Trance-Posed (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #34, February 1956)

Archie and Reggie resort to drastic measures by hiring a stage hypnotist when Jughead begins gaining weight from staying up all night.

Candy Dandy! (Archie's Pal Jughead Comics Vol. 1 #34, February 1956)

Forget Me Nuts (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #36, June 1956)

Jughead's amnesia, real or faked, doesn't interfere with him eating Betty's annual steak dinner.

The Faring of the Green (Archie Comics #85, March/April 1957)

Archie's excessive St. Patrick's Day spirit gets on Reggie's nerves, so he gets payback by stuffing him sick with a lunch of uncomplimentary green foods.

G-Round Numbers (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #43, August 1957)

Never Say Diet! (Archie Comics #90, January/February 1958)

Unaware that Pop's scale is off-register by ten pounds, Veronica gets an incorrect weight and begins morbidly fantasizing about herself becoming huge.

The Last Good Buy (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #47, April 1958)

Fearing Jughead is deathly ill and will "cut out" in five days, the gang treats him to anything he wants that week, causing him to balloon in weight.

The Spoilers (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #50, October 1958)

After being treated to food at four separate homes while his friends avoid him, Jug begs the gang to continue to treat him like a social pariah.

Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #53, May 1959

Brain Food (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #62, July 1960)

Jughead's normally clever mind falters when he begins to eat less, to the point that he can't even remember his own name. With the school's chance at an Inter-City Scholarship trophy threatened, he determinedly stuffs himself as hard as he studies, until he wins the award once again.

Food for Thought (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #63, August 1960)

Jughead is put on a diet to gain weight by the school doctor, who diagnoses him as malnourished. Following it to the letter, if not the spirit, Jug becomes fat almost overnight.

Nature Boy (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #65, October 1960)

Jughead spends the day trying to commune with nature, but after he helps Betty with her cook-out's charcoal grill and stuffs himself on their food, it's girls he.finds a special appreciation for.

Foul Play (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #72, May 1961)

The boys lock Jughead in the storage room to keep him from interfering with their school luncheon dates, allowing him to eat the roast turkey whole.

A Picnicking We'll Go (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #84, May 1962)

Jughead is stuffed after spending the day being pampered by U.G.A.J. (United Girls Against Jughead).

Case Closed (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #90, November 1962)

The gang treats an insulted Jughead to anything he wants, believing he's heartbroken and leaving town after they see him carrying a suitcase.

Merchant Princes (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #92, January 1963)

Pop has a nightmarish vision of Jughead cleaning out the Chok'lit Shoppe while minding the place in his absence.

Mask Me No Questions (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #99, August 1963)

Knowing all eyes will be on him, Jughead's unusual "Silent Knight of Bavaria" costume provides a distraction while he eats up the food for the masquerade dance.

Do or Diet (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #102, November 1963)

Jughead keeps up his diet exactly long enough to be entrusted with the school carnival's refreshment stand.

Glow Worm (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 1 #118, March 1965)

Doused with a substance that glows in the dark while working late in the chemistry lab, Jughead terrorizes Riverdale by night as a gluttonous ghost.

Dinner for One (Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #119, October 1965)

Jughead challenges The Consumer to an eat-off

Repeat Performance (Archie #165, June 1966)

Moose's cure for the hiccups ("all yuh gotta do is hole yer breath an' drink water!") has predictable consequences when Archie is left unattended.

Race Chase (Jughead Vol. 1 #134, July 1966)

Jughead, fooled into thinking he won't have to run from Big Ethel in the yearly Girl's Day race, allows himself to be strategically fattened up.

Jug's Pin-Up (Jughead Vol. 1 #135, August 1966)

The Way to a Man's Heart (Jughead Vol. 1 #135, August 1966)

U.G.A.J. loads Jughead up with goodies in an attempt to finally kiss him into submission.

Party Smarty (Jughead Vol. 1 #136, September 1966)

Jughead is confronted for never hosting get-togethers of his own after eating all of Veronica's party food.

Fat Chance (Archie Giant Series Magazine #145, June 1967)

Veronica has a nightmare where she appears to be gaining so much weight from eating chocolate that she floats like a balloon.

Food for Thought (Jughead Vol. 1 #151, December 1967)

Jug celebrates the upside of food, and also experiences the drawbacks.

Thin is In! (Jughead Vol. 1 #159, August 1968)

Jughead's slender look makes him a sudden Mod fashion icon, "Weedy", but the extra cash he can now spend on burgers ends his modeling career.

Fit to Be Tied (Jughead Vol. 1 #162, November 1968)

The girls' bribery of Jughead ahead of the beauty contest leaves him unable to fulfill his judging duties.

Weigh Out Scene (Life With Archie #95, March 1970)

Archie seems to have gained weight after making fun of portly Stanley, and is constantly mocked himself, but just like the last two stories, it is all a nightmare. Archie tells his friends all about it, leading to Stanley being treated like an ordinary friend.

Helping Hand (Jughead Vol. 1 #179, April 1970)

Jughead's "helpful" nature while staying over at the Andrews' gets him kicked out within half an hour.

The Signature (Jughead Vol. 1 #180, May 1970)

Jughead stuffs himself while getting his homework done, and later gets enticed into completing Archie's for goodies, but there's no mistaking his "signature".

The Rhyme Sublime (Jughead Vol. 1 #182, July 1970)

Jug leads a bakery driver astray by giving him directions in rhyming couplets, prompting them to eat the load before it expires.

The Catered Affair (Jughead Vol. 1 #183, August 1970)

Delivering food to Veronica's latest social affair in Archie's stead, Jughead goads a snubbed Gaston into cooking the same food ordered for the party to see if he can do any better, and winds up eating everything.

The Pizza Pusher (Jughead Vol. 1 #184, September 1970)

Jughead keeps up an elaborate pretense to eat five pizzas he's supposed to bring to "Mrs. Webber", not that Pop minds.

Burgers or Bust! (Jughead Vol. 1 #185, October 1970)

Jughead faces the consequences from having dozens of hamburgers, but this happens to be a nightmare.

The Silent Minority (Jughead Vol. 1 #188, January 1971)

Jughead is shown stuffed at two different points while spending the day mooching food off others.

How Sweet it Was (Jughead Vol. 1 #190, March 1971)

Jughead finishes off twenty pounds of candy over the course of an infotainment feature.

Consumer (Jughead Vol. 1 #192, May 1971)

After a mix-up at the hospital gives Jughead the wrong X-rays and suggests he go on a strict diet, he spends most of the next morning at school "starving"; upon learning the truth, he then wildly overcompensates in the lunch room.

The Big Surprise (Jughead Vol. 1 #207, August 1972)

Jug tries his hand at babysitting to get five dollars for a birthday gift for his father, but racks up twelve times that in debt with his snacking.

Great Caesar's Ghost (Jughead Vol. 1 #208, September 1972)

After Reggie becomes even more insufferable than usual while rehearsing the role of Caesar in the school play, Jughead chooses to embarrass him by ad-libbing and scarfing down all the food provided for the live show.

Taster's Choice (Jughead Vol. 1 #216, July 1973)

Jughead provides a valuable service taste-testing the potential cafeteria menu, but his appetite for extra helpings creates a crisis of resources.

Eat Treat (Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #213, August 1973)

Veronica woos the boys of Riverdale by hiring catering for the beach, which backfires when the feast leaves them too lethargic to do any actiities with her

The Luck Maker (Jughead Vol. 1 #219, October 1973)

Jughead gets a much larger butter pecan sundae than Veronica, much to the frustration of the gang who can't figure out the "secret" behind his luck (being kind and helpful to others).

Jughead Vol. 1 #228, May 1974

Burnt Offering (Archie Giant Series Magazine #228, December 1974)

Jughead dreads the prospect of a holiday meal from Veronica, until he learns it's not her cooking and proceeds to stuff himself.

The Bad Old Days (Jughead Vol. 1 #239, April 1975)

During a daydream about being a 1920's gangster involved in hot burger smuggling with Al Capone, Jughead is forced to dispose of the contraband when the Coast Guard raids the ship.

Pair Affair (Jughead Vol. 1 #245, October 1975)

Jughead works a "cute dog" scam with Hot Dog at the beach for access to girls' lunch baskets.

Cold Reception (Archie Giant Series Magazine #469, June 1978)

After Jughead gets a chill walking to school while his coat is at the cleaners, the other students assume his family is poor and hold an impromptu benefit party to secretly raise him the money for a new coat; instead, Jug attends the party and eats them out of their profits.

The Way (Archie Giant Series Magazine #469, June 1978)

Big Ethel cooks a heavy picnic lunch to decrease Jughead's chances of running away from her.

Testy Taste (Jughead Vol. 1 #296, January 1980)

Jughead drinks ten cases of hamburger-flavored soda, which everyone except him thinks is disgusting.

Fat Chance (Archie's Joke Book Magazine #273, November 1980)

The Jughead Jones Comics Digest Magazine #20, March 1982

Feast or Famine (Archie Giant Series Magazine #526, June 1983)

Bound by a fifty-dollar bet with Veronica over whether he can be a good waiter and control his appetite until the last guest leaves, Jughead makes sure there are leftovers to spare.

Movie Madness (Archie Comics #330, July 1984)

Jughead with Archie Comics Digest Magazine #96, January 1990

Jughead Vol. 2 #44, April 1993

Jughead's Double Digest Magazine #27, December 1994

The Jughead Jones Digest Magazine #97, October 1995

Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 2 #101, February 1998

Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 2 #129, August 2000

Photo Flair (Jughead's Double Digest Magazine #92, April 2003)

Jughead has a bloated belly after eating a lot while getting photos for Betty.

Another Fine Mess! (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 2 #169, December 2005)

Prom Date Disasters (Betty & Veronica Spectacular #74, July 2006)

Betty and Veronica recall past prom fiascoes, including when Jughead threw up on Ethel after dancing on a full stomach.

(Jug)Head Games! (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 2 #199, March 2010)

Jughead's arch-nemesis Trula Twyst unveils a scheme to "eliminate" Jughead by perfectly copying his mannerisms, fashion sense, and diet, thus subconsciously forcing him into normalcy. The plan backfires when Trula, revealing a small stuffed belly, moans that she can't keep up with his appetite.

Something Ventured, Something Gained (Archie's Pal Jughead Vol. 2 #200, April 2010)

Jughead makes a deal with Darlene, a witch disguised as waitress for a new diner, which trades his metabolism for "paradise on a bun". It is when Jughead has gained a lot of weight that Archie's friends try and get his metabolism back.

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