Angel Beats!

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Angel Beats! is an anime series produced by P.A. Works and conceived by Jun Maeda. It ran for only 13 episodes between April and July 2010, starting off as a manga series in late 2009 that concluded in November 2013. An OVA was released in December 2010.

The story follows Yuzuru Otonashi, the spirit of a teenage boy who died in a freak accident and cannot remember anything since. He joins a high school for the afterlife and befriends Yuri Nakamura, founder of an organization built to fight back at God.

Stairway to Heaven (OVA)

Ooyama, Fujimaki and TK eats dozens of plates of omelette, rice ramen and mapo tofu. Their bellies appear very fat except for TK, who has walked out of the restroom. Still fattened, they run out of the building to try and put an end to an argument involving their classmates and the Girls Dead Monster band.