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Air Master is a manga series written by Yokusaru Shibata, serialized in Young Animal from 1997 to 2006 with an anime adaptation produced from April to late September 2003. The story centers around former gymnast Maki Aikawa, who gives up her talent to perform street fighting.


Do Your Best, Renge (Volume 1, Chapter 8)

Renge takes the challenge of speed-eating ten bowls of ramen.

Big Bar Party (Volume 2, Chapter 12)

Volume 3, Chapter 19

Volume 6, Chapter 46

Volume 17, Chapter 133


Challenge! Shinnosuke Tokita (S01E03)

Animated version of chapter 8.

Burn! Meat (S01E24)

Animated version of chapter 133.

Feel It! The Struggling Wind (S01E26)

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