Adventures from the Book of Virtues

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Adventures from the Book of Virtues
Genre Educational
Developer Bruce D. Johnson
Production company KCET Los Angeles
PorchLight Entertainment
Country United States
Original run September 2, 1996 - December 17, 2000

Adventures from the Book of Virtues is an American animated television series that originally aired on PBS Kids. It is based on books of moral tales by William Bennett, who also had a hand in the show's production. It focuses on two kids, Zach and Annie, as they get moral guidance from various stories told by their animal friends in the mountains near their hometown.

Work (S01E01)

In the story of "How the Camel Got His Hump", the genie magically gives the lazy camel his hump, inflating him in the process.

Moderation (S03E09)

In the story of "The Cat and the Parrot", the cat has a bad dream after eating all of the parrot's food. In his dream, he becomes the size of a house and eats everyone who gets in his way.