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7-Eleven (formerly known as Tote'm Stores Stores between 1928 to 1946) is an American store chain, which was headquartered in Irvin, Texas and originally owned by Seven & I Holdings and currently Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. As of November 2021, 7-Eleven operates, franchises and licenses over 78,000 stores worldwide and territories. In 2005, 7-Eleven and Dentsu created a mascot named OPEN-Chan (OPEN小將), an space spokesdog who lives in a fictional planet, Planet OPEN in Taiwan.

OPEN-Chan's 2nd Birthday

When Xiaozhuwa's balloon accidentally popped, OPEN-Chan inflates himself to make a balloon for him, at the end, Xiaoshuwa is flying with OPEN-Chan.

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OPEN-Chan 10th Anniversary Special Book