31 Minutos

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31 Minutos is a chilean TV Show focused on a group of puppets headed by Tulio Triviño who is the news leader and their weekly deal with random problems while reporting the news to later end with a musical Ranking Top.

The series has a total of 3 seasons which aired from 2003 to 2005 and a film premiered in March 27, 2008; a fourth season has been aired in 2014.

The Invasion of the Tramoyas (S3E08)

In Huachimingo's newest section "I swear it is true!" while he says "Scientific Mysteries", a man is shown muscular to then gain suddenly a massive weight.

The segment introduction is shown again in the episode "Bodoque Bettor" (S3E11).

31 Minutos: The Movie

In the film's storyboard, there's an scene where Juan Carlos Bodoque can be seen stuffed at the Huachimingo tribe's party while talking about Juanin and Huachimingo's kidnap at hands of the nefarious criminal Uncle Bald.