Urusei Yatsura

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Urusei Yatsura is a comedy manga series created by Rumiko Takahashi in 1978 with a nine-year run and an anime series first broadcast in 1981.

It concentrates on an unlucky high schooler named Ataru Moroboshi who proposes to an alien humanoid named Lum by mistake, and since then is believed to be her husband.

Full Course from Hell (S01E13b)

A restaurant nearby Ataru's resorts holds an eating contest, so he participates.

The Big Springtime Picnic Uproar! (S02E02)

All the main characters except for Lum get stuffed from eating all the canned alien food, which expanded in their stomachs, hidden in the mountain.

Certain Death! Stand-Up Eating Contest (S07E04)

Ataru competes in another eating contest, joined by Lum.

The Mysterious Giant Cake! Love's Fleeing Panic!! (S7E13)

It's Strange! Sakuranbo Yoga School!! (S9E15)

After a week of inactivity, Ataru has started to put on weight. So he, along with the rest of the gang, take a yoga class to help get back into shape.