The DaVincibles

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The DaVincibles is an Italian animated series. It follows the DaVinci family - Pablo, his sister Zoe, and their Uncle Leo - as they travel the world to find artifacts to sell at the Kurios Kat antique store. They often run across the Society of Very Bad Villains, led by Quba, the worst artist ever. The DaVincis have to stop their plans for world domination.

Wave Goodbye (S01E22)

To break their tie, Uncle Leo and Ponce de Leon have a waffle-eating contest (using the waffles Quba brought to life). Uncle Leo wins.

Fashion Showdown (S01E27)

Also used in the episode Bright Ideas.

Astronuts (S01E33)

Uncle Leo goes through thousands of bags of potato chips to find the space shuttle tickets.