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So, Gus the Goat is an old short poem about a garbageman goat that ate the garbage he collects. (I think its supposed to teach kids about the letter G.)

Like a lot of poems/stories, it's been given several animations, adaptions and lesson changes. In this case, It's a lesson about self-control from The Watchkins Anthology show.

The video is roughly 3 minutes long and Gus mainly gains weight from eating apples, but is shown, and implied, to eat random objects.(like the scale) Gus's Grandfather decides that the best way to cure his habit is to just let him eat all the apples from a tree, leading to an "apple" montage. By the end of it, Gus walks inside his house, bloated to the size of a medicine ball, and he just slowly keels over. (Not dead, just passed out)

Here's the video:

Timestamps: 0:37 Scale; 1:41 Falling Apples; 2:07-2:11 Slight Belly; 2:12 Bouncing Belly; 2:16-2:31 Goat Ball

The only other thing worth mentioning is that he eats a lot in this video, but only gains/shows weight at the time stamps.

Posted by on 31 March 2021 at 05:43.

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