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Shrek is a computer animated film series by DreamWorks Animation consisting of four feature films and numerous short films and TV specials. The series takes place in a world of combined fairy tale characters and creatures which include the series' main protagonist; an ogre named Shrek.

The first film, Shrek, was released in May 2001, followed by three sequels: Shrek 2 in May 2004, Shrek the Third in May 2007, and Shrek Forever After in May 2010.



Fiona sings to a bird that soon inflates and explodes once she hits a high note.

Later on in the film, Shrek inflates a frog like a balloon and gives it to Fiona before she does the same to a snake and ties it up like a balloon animal.

Shrek Forever After

Puss in Boots becomes fat in the alternate timeline where Shrek was never born.

Shrek also plans on giving Fiona a frog balloon just like the one from the first film, and during the credits sequence, Fiona once again hits a high note that causes Fifi, Rumpelstiltskin's pet goose, to inflate and explode.


Shrek 4D

A crow inflates and explodes when a screaming Princess Fiona passes by him.