Little Hero Super Z

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Little Hero Super Z
Genre Action
Production company OCON Studios
Country South Korea
Original run August 30, 2018 - present

Little Hero Super Z (alternatively known simply as Super Zach or Super Z) is a Korean animated children’s television series created by OCON Studios. The show was first released in August 2018 and an English dub of the series was uploaded to YouTube in November 2019.

The show’s premise follows Zach, a small, blue, anthropomorphic bear, and his parents, who together form a superhero team. Zach obtains different abilities by eating healthy “Super Yummy” recipes specially prepared by his mother, which he often uses to foil the sinister plans of the troublesome Dr. Leo.

Attack of the Puffy Virus (E03)

Dr. Leo gives out candy laced with a virus that causes anyone who eats it to puff up like a balloon. Zach also gives into the temptation and winds up puffy as well until May prepares Super Yummy Beet Salad to cure him. Dr. Leo retaliates with jelly containing the virus until Zach plugs the blaster, causing it to malfunction and backfire.

The Curse of the Magic Pipe (E14)

The Super Yummy Stir-Fry gives Zach a bellowing voice strong enough to break the spell of the magic pipe.

Mom’s got the Flu! (E16)

The Super Yummy Kale Omelette May prepares fails to give Zach any powers and instead causes him to puff up and deflate like a balloon.

Dizzy Dizzy Pollen (E19)

The Super Yummy Bibimbap gives Zach extra lung capacity to blow strong gusts of wind.