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This media contains realistic depictions of weight gain, which may be unpleasant to certain readers.
Family Guy
Family Guy Logo.svg
Genre Adult
Black comedy
Developer Seth MacFarlane
David Zuckerman
Production company Fuzzy Door Productions
Fox Television Animation
20th Century Fox Television
Country United States
Original run January 31, 1999 - present

Family Guy is an adult animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane that acts as a rival to The Simpsons, of which it carries a similar concept but different style of humor to. It lasted for a few years beginning in 1999 before cancellation, mainly due to controversy, but due to its following FOX brought it back on the air in 2005. It is now part of their Animation Domination block.


Da Boom (S02E03)

The family is eating what is left of the food after the apocalypse. Peter Griffin drinks a glass of water and bloats up to a ball shape.

He's Too Sexy For His Fat (S02E17)

Chris worries about his weight, but when goes to get some liposuction he does not get it; Peter does. While Chris is on a diet, Stewie eats all the food that isn't allowed and becomes too fat to move.

A Fish Out of Water (S03E10)

Without employment or any happiness left, Peter becomes so overweight that Brian has to carry him around with a forklift.

Screwed the Pooch (S03E13)

When Brian is about to get neutered, Peter imagines himself sitting next to a fat, neutered Brian.

The Fat Guy Strangler (S4E17)

Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe take an advantage of an "All You Can Eat" buffet and get fat from a bunch of steaks. A cutaway shows The Effeminate Cow, slightly fatter than in his other appearances.

Error: Between shots, Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland lose their fat and go back to normal, while Joe is still fat. Joe also becomes spontaneously skinny, one frame after he was fat.

Sibling Rivalry (S04E22)

When Peter gets a vasectomy, Lois takes up an eating habit out of disapproval, gaining weight. Lois points out that Peter is much fatter than she is, and when Peter responds, "Men can't be fat, only fat women can be fat", Lois gains even more weight until she is close to being as fat as Peter. When in bed, they fight each other but then it turns into sexual intercourse. The following morning, Peter wants Lois to get even fatter so he feeds her so much food that she gets a heart attack that night, which is eventually taken care of by surgery as Lois learns that overeating will not make you feel any better.

You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives (S04E25)

In an anti-gay documentary film, a doctor takes the blood test of a homosexual, known as "Mr. Bragga". When he does, toxic acid comes out, rather than blood. Almost instantly afterwards, Mr. Bragga's belly inflates, ripping his shirt open, and out comes a Xenomorphian monster, who attacks the doctor.

Former Life of Brian (S06E11)

Brian reunites with an old girlfriend, Tracy Flannigan, who, since he last saw her, has put on am extremely massive amount of extra weight.

Save the Clam (S11E19)

A Mexican lady stuffs Stewie with cake and he becomes fat. Although it doesn't really show, Chris proves to have also gone through the same treatment Stewie did, which means he may or may not be fatter than before.

Farmer Guy (S11E20)

The Griffin Family stuffs themselves inside of a horse, after Peter misinterprets the concept of the "Trojan Horse".

Christmas Guy (S12E08)

In a cutaway gag, Stewie stuffs a snake into a salt shaker. It bites Meg and gives her an allergic reaction.

Peter Problems (S12E09)

Peter uses a forklift to hoist a giant canister of beer up and proceeds to drink a mass amount of its contents which overwhelms him, causing him to pass out.

Grimm Job (S12E10)

Brian plays the Big Bad Wolf in Family Guy's take on Little Red Riding Hood, showing him after he ate Red's grandmother.

Stewie, Chris, & Brian's Excellent Adventure (S13E07)

A flash-forward cutaway, shows Chris as an adult, working the job of a pedophile school bus driver. In his adult form, he is slightly fatter than usual, with his belly now being kind of lumpy, in a way similar to Peter's belly.

Encyclopedia Griffin (S13E11)

A cutaway gag shows what happened that one time Lois let Peter eat seven boxes of hot wings. Peter is rather bloated afterward.

Peter, Chris, & Brian (S14E05)

In an effort to win Chris over, Peter brings in Kate Upton, who turns out to have an "insta-fat" feature.

Saturated Fat Guy (S15E16)

Peter lives in a fast food truck and eats nothing but junk food for weeks. He becomes too fat to get through the door and needs to be lifted out by crane. He is then hosed off, to get all the grease off of him, and the power of the hose rips his clothes off, just as the Bing truck comes by and takes a picture of it.

Three Directors (S16E5)

Peter fights a Tricia Takanawa clone and puts her face onto a beer dispenser. Her face and body inflate from all the beer and explode.

V is for Mystery (S16E13)

Meg, playing as a prostitute named Veronica, is found dead at a crime scene with her stomach stuffed with bagpipes.

The Woof of Wall Street (S16E15)

Brian imagines his ideal death, being to go slowly with age. A cutaway shows him as a senile old dog, now extremely fat.

Switch the Flip (S16E17)

Stewie, inside Peter's body, finds himself getting strangled by the tightness of Peter's belt. He then loosens it, allowing his belly flop out freely.

Married... with Cancer (S17E01)

Brian's new wife, Jess, has been cured of her cancer and starts binge-eating and gains weight as a result.

Dead Dog Walking (S17E02)

Now that Brian is married, he is free to "let himself go", and exhales, revealing the fatness of his true self. Jess appears again, and directly continuing the events of the last episode, she is still fat. At the end of the episode, Jess dies offscreen and Brian becomes skinny again, presumably by inhaling himself back to normal.

Con Heiress (S17E08)

Upon finding out Chris and Peter are related, Herbert explodes into a million pieces, from the shock, but not before inflating like a human balloon.

Girl, Internetted (S17E19)

Meg gains internet fame by eating unhealthy foods thus giving her the name Refrigerator Meg, but she soon develops Type 2 Diabetes and is put on medicine that causes her to lose her feet. Later at a ceremony, Meg's popularity causes all the students including her friends Patty, Esther and Ruth to gain weight.

Coma Guy (S18E17)

In Peter's coma, he sees a boat filled with the souls of many deceased friends of his, including the fattened body of Jess Schlotz.

Movin' In (Principal Shepherd's Song) (S18E20)

Peter imagines Chris getting fat enough to win the "Biggest Boy Competition".


The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
Genre City builder
Platform Android
Windows Phone 8
Windows 8.1
Developer TinyCo
Country United States
Release date April 10, 2014

Two costumes for Peter and Lois, Forklift Peter (A Fish Out of Water) and Fat Lois (Sibling Rivalry), were available exclusively for the Thanksgiving event in 2014.

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