Captain Flamingo

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Captain Flamingo
Kinopoisk ru-Captain-Flamingo-1385778--w--1024.jpg
Genre Fantasy
Developer Suzanne Bolch
John May
Kevin Gillis
Rob Davies
Production company Atomic Cartoons
Breakthrough Films and Television
Heroic Film Company
Philippine Animation Studio Inc.
YTV Productions
Country Canada
Original run February 7, 2006 - March 26, 2010

Captain Flamingo is a Canadian-Filipino animated series that first premiered on YTV in 2006. Milo Powell is a boy who decides to become a superhero named Captain Flamingo to help little kids in trouble. Not having any special powers, he uses an assortment of novelty items. With help from his best friend/sidekick Lizabeth, they assist the kids who call for Captain Flamingo, solving problems in unusual ways.

Pancake Panic (S01E01b)

After changing into his costume, Milo's stomach hangs out because of the banana nut pancakes he ate. Later, the pet monkey eats the rest of those pancakes.

Water You Worried About? (S01E05a)

Milo has to pee badly after drinking so much root beer. Unfortunately, he has to hold it until after he saves Rutger from an out-of-control garden hose.

Cheese the Day (S01E10a)

Much Ado About... a Do (S01E12a)

A man accidently puts a bag of garbage inside his cat because of his bad glasses.

Milo & the Gang Face More Problems (S02E02a)

Missed Manners (S02E06a)

To help Sanjay avoid embarrassing his parents in a restaurant, Milo feeds burritos to Dishrag and uses her gas to make all the other diners leave. He also feeds her cheese to keep her gas under control.

Pasta Your Bedtime (S02E10b)

Due to Milo's false clock, Megan thinks it's dinnertime repeatedly and makes Owen-Only eat multiple dishes.

Exhibit Yikes! (S02E11b)

Worried he'll be sent to military school, Milo remembers some of the things he did, including secretly feeding his broccoli soufflé to Dishrag.

Night of the Living Flamingo (S03E06b)

Hearing Otto's call for help, Milo quickly eats all his popcorn before rushing off.

Scrambled Legs (S04E01a)