Ben 10 (2016)

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Ben 10 (2016)
Ben 10 2017 logo.png
Genre Action-comedy
Science fantasy
Supernatural fiction
Developer Man of Action
Production company Cartoon Network Studios
Country United States
Original run April 10, 2017 - present

Ben 10 is a 2016 reboot of the original series that aired on Cartoon Network in 2005. The series premiered on Cartoon Network in the US in April 2017.

The Ring Leader (S01E03)

Ben and Gwen battle in a "Sumo Slammers" video game with characters made to look like sumo-sized versions of them. At the end of the episode, Ben beats Kyle in a match.

Recipe for Disaster (S01E23)

Max and Gwen compete to see who can eat the most weird food.

Xingo (S01E34)

Assault on Pancake Palace (S02E16)

Gwen wins the pancake eating contest at Pancake Palace and is noticeably stuffed while at Way Out Waffles with Ben and Max.

Cirque-Us (S03E33)

And Xingo Was His Name-O (S03E39)

Tummy Ache (S04E29)

Ben gets sick from eating too much candy at Mr. Biggie's factory.