Bakutsuri Bar Hunter

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Bakutsuri Bar Hunter is an anime TV series based on the multi-media franchise of the same name created by Bandai, Toei Animation, and Shogakukan. The anime was produced by both Toei Animation and ran on TV Tokyo from October 2018 to the following March with a total of 25 episodes. The show’s premise follows a young boy named Totta Tachitsute who strives to reel in powerful creatures known as Bar Souls with his special electronic fishing rod called a Bakutsuri Bar Rod that can summon these creatures by scanning unique bar codes hidden throughout the world.

Win Over the Sea of Extreme Heat! I Love Ramen Totta! (Rough Translation) (E09)

Totta puts on weight by eating several cups of instant ramen noodles to catch the ramen Bar Soul Zulu Zulu.

He then learns that the bar code of a much more powerful variation of Zulu Zulu is in a certain ramen shop. However, the shop’s specialty ramen containing the bar code at the bottom of the bowl proves to be too spicy for Totta to eat, so he builds up a tolerance for it by gradually eating several increasingly spicy instant ramen noddles.

After finishing the specialty ramen and scanning the bar code, Totta summons the fiery Bar Soul Hot Zulu Zulu, but has difficulty reeling it in until he consumes more of the shop’s food to bulk up even further to help stand his ground with the extra weight. Using both his girth and ability to roll around, Totta manages to successfully capture Hot Zulu Zulu and then loses all his extra weight after needing to use the restroom.